What was the space in the market that amber eyed when she started rS? 

I started my personal blog, VENZEDITS.com, in April of 2010. It was initially developed as a marketing tool and portfolio for my offline businesses: my jewellery company and personal shopping/styling services. I launched the blog with a clear business plan and was posting three times daily, had a professional photographer and was investing significant resources into the development and production of the site.

I quickly realised that the site was more than a marketing tool for my other businesses, it was a business of its own and therefore needed a revenue stream of its own. After several months of trailing various solutions, my business partner (now husband) and I started brainstorming about the perfect monetisation solution for my site. I wanted to be able to earn money online in the same manner that I had offline with my personal shopping business: if I drive a sale for a retailer, I get paid a commission on the sale. We decided to take that offline model online, providing a performance-based monetisation solution for me and my peers, other premier style bloggers. Baxter, my partner, and I walked to our local coffee shop and to brainstorm and we came up with the very literal name, rewardStyle, and purchased the domain.


Whats it like to work with your husband?

Baxter and I are yin and yang when it comes to our skills. He oversees the technical side of the business while I oversee the marketing side. We sit next to each other in meetings and really balance each other’s ideas.

Once we got married, we decided to make our relationship, family and faith a priority. We have setwork hours, guidelines for talking about business at home (it is off limits!) and we have designated family time on our calendars during the week. This has helped to create a healthy “balance” between work and home.

What do you dislike about the influencers market?

When people still roll their eyes at influencers; what is it about a self-made, multi-hyphenate (photographer, stylist, social media strategist, sociologist, makeup artist…) entrepreneur that upsets you?