Emily love Pizza – New York

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You like burger and Emily Loves Pizza. The little joke makes sense … after much success in Brooklyn, Emily and her husband brought this place that is my little piece of heaven to the heart of the West Village. The delicious hamburgers and stuffed pizzas are served on a tray that has different floors, one for each dish, but all together.

Photos Courtesy of Emilly Love Pizza. 

Plaza Athénée – Paris

One of the city’s leading high-end hotels, an eternal reference for the most singular luxury, the Plaza Athénée makes every effort to make guests feel special.

Paris is a Party @Plaza_Athenee

If being in Paris is already a reason to party, staying at Plaza Athénée promises a high-level celebration. Member of the Dorchester Collection since 2001, the hotel has undergone a series of improvements that have made the traditional space, inaugurated in 1913, even more attractive. Today with 194 apartments, including 46 suites, it has the official French distinction of palace status, a condition reflected in the real royal treatment that its guests receive.

The new approach focuses on healthy, organic foods on a menu that celebrates fish, vegetables, and cereals. The ingredients are almost all sustainable, wild, and mainly, organic. In addition, this major reinvention did not take into account only the types of raw materials. While essentially following the strand of French cuisine, restaurants now also draw on shojin cuisine – a Japanese spiritual approach to cooking vegetables.

And the big names, which keep Plaza Athénée reinventing itself constantly, are not restricted to just one sector. Known especially as an haute couture hotel, the Dior Institute – a luxury space dedicated to beauty treatments that leads to the signature of the fashion brand – has been around for ten years. As well as Dior celebrated its 70th birthday at the hotel, it has become a new tradition in the Plaza Athénée to promote small and intimate celebrations for its most special guests who are celebrating. The mini private parties, held in the suite, are entitled to champagne, balloons, and, above all, the spectacular backdrop of Paris as a plus. Amazing!

Photos: Courtesy Plaza Athenee

Sant Ambroeus – New York

If you regularly find yourself at Sotheby’s, why not stop by the new Sant Ambroeus? There’s nothing like going shopping after knocking back a dry Martini in this quintessential Italian environment.

Sant Ambroeus

The Art of Dining Well @santambrouesus

For almost 40 years, Sant Ambroeus has been at the top of the list of New York’s most beloved restaurants, bringing a uniquely refined Milanese cuisine to America. This year, the restaurant group has taken another step forward, opening the Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar beneath Sotheby’s to commemorate the 275th anniversary of the Big Apple’s oldest auction house. Sotheby’s has been responsible for bringing together art collectors since 1744. Since then, the operation has become a global entity with branches in Hong Kong, France, India and auctions held in more than 10 countries.

Upon entering this modern locale located on the ground floor of the York Avenue building, it’s almost impossible to know whether one has stepped into a café, a classic Italian restaurant, or an art gallery. That is precisely the intention of Sant Ambroeus Coffee: to plunge the customer into a multicultural space with first-class cuisine.

Renowned for its restaurants that blend art and design, the Sant Ambroeus group knows how to elevate the concept of the bar/restaurant. Created by New York designer Robert McKinley, the decor harkens back to 1950s Milanese cafes, with their mahogany columns and gilded accents. On the marble floor, subtle shades of pink and brown bring a geometric design to life, echoing the creations of Italian architect Gio Ponti. In a way both natural and understated, the atmosphere connects the culinary arts with those of design, generating a harmonious relationship between these eclectic artistic expressions. In terms of coffee, the place offers espresso with high-grade coffee beans that represent the best of Italian traditions and flavors.

Beyond coffee, Sant Ambroeus’s menu has been carefully crafted such that the dishes are reminiscent of the real Italy. Known as Piatti Sfiziosi, the restaurant’s menu features highlights such as Bistecca di Cavolfiore (Cauliflower Steak) and smoked trout. For a quick lunch, bet on the panini stuffed with veal and arugula, along with homemade bread that they call “Focaccine,” a tasty reinterpretation of focaccia.

The desserts, which have just the right touch of sweetness, are a mainstay on the menu. In addition to stuffed croissants and cornettis, there’s the exclusive Sant Ambroeus chocolate mousse and the gianduia cake made with hazelnut crackers and cream, mousse, and milk chocolate frosting. After lunch, it is worth exploring the exhibits that Sotheby’s has to offer. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll leave with a classic modernist painting. Periodically, Sotheby’s exhibits impressionist and modern art paintings depicting the lives of peasants, sailors, and street artists. There are works dating from 1894. Another exemplary exhibit is Marina Picasso’s collections of ceramic paintings, which can be purchased on-site or through the website.

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Photos: Courtesy Sant Ambroeus

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Palomar  @palomarsoho

The Israeli´s food has never tasted so good, the award winning Palomar restaurant has influences from southern Spain and Italy to northern Africa. For a gastronomic experience full of flavors, whether at the counter in front of the open kitchen or at the tables in the back, this London restaurant has a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere.

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The Palomar dining room by day.

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Grand Banks  @grandbanksnyc

There is no better way to start the weekend, make fresh oysters and have a wine at the Grand Banks. The 1942 boat that traveled to Brazilian lands, had its final destination in New York at Pier 25 with an idea of ​​a boat restaurant that brings oysters to the city in the 18th century. The hotspot has one of the most incredible views of the city.

Emily love Pizza  @pizzalovesemily

You like burger and Emily Loves Pizza. The little joke makes sense … after much success in Brooklyn, Emily and her husband brought this place that is my little piece of heaven to the heart of the West Village. The delicious hamburgers and stuffed pizzas are served on a tray that has different floors, one for each dish, but all together.

Tash Sefton

The founder of one of the most top websites nowadays shows her versatility and proves that her talent and creativity goes beyond web.

Talent with style @tashsefton

“After years of gathering industry and personal knowledge about what works, what doesn’t and why –  it is now time for me to share this. I am exploding with knowledge! (and my kids aren’t interested yet”)

The Australian Tash Sefton is Sydney based and is most known as a publisher and founder of the blog of online shop They All HateUs. Launched more than 10 years ago with her friend Elle Ferguson, the blog was revolutionary at that time and soon became a benchmark for how online retailing would leverage social media in the years that followed.

A specialist in the fashion industry, she started her career more than 20 years ago on fashion design but fell in love for the fashion business. On top of that, she worked for many big Australian brands and co-hosted the American reality “Style Squad” in 2016-17.

Today, she is one of the most stylish women of Australia and shares her experiences on the project Where Did Your Style Go, a consulting for women and men, and continues to collaborate with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Tash’s professional credits now also extend to her own art business Sefton Segedin with business partner and sister Hayley Segedin. Of the launch of Where Did Your Style Go, Tash explains:

“I started in this industry because of my obsession and love of fashion – it’s never been about the bling or selfies – but the journey of why I yearn to find the perfect item and treasure it”

How do you define your style?
My style has changed over the years but essentially its high street mixed with high end, denim most days but now I am embracing subtle colors and prints….which is new for me! I only ever used to wear black, white and grey and a stripe was my print. Australian weather is glorious and our lifestyle allows us to have a very layback style here. 

In your opinion, there are rules inside the fashion world?
If there are rules there shouldn’t be! I just did an article on my new website about the style myth and people’s interpretation of what style is. I am very much a believer in wearing fashion your way and it comes from how you feel on the inside. It shouldn’t be defined by what a designer says is in fashion or isn’t.

What is the biggest difficulty in working with something that is constantly changing?
I don’t think it’s difficult as it pushes me to always be looking ahead and do better. As I used to work as a buyer for most of my career I know how to predict change and navigate through the shifts…. it’s in my DNA! 

Who are your inspirations?
My family are very inspirational – my sisters are very successful business women (not in the fashion world) and being around them really makes me learn and stay humble in this crazy fashion world! I am really lucky to be surrounded by incredible women making a real impact in our community, my family and close friends are my inspirations.

Photos: Courtesy of Tash Sefton

Leandra Medine

Ser dona do seu próprio negócio requer anos de determinação, foco e tenacidade. Inteligente, versátil e ambiciosa, o sucesso de Leandra Medine e seu site  Man Repeller, é apenas um reflexo de sua autenticidade e dedicação interminável. 

The Man Repeller @leandramcohen

‘Descobrir sua própria felicidade requer se enfrentar com sinceridade, frequência e estar disposta a deixar para trás o que sabe para aprender o que não sabe. ‘

Liderando o mundo da moda com seu site man repeller e agora curtindo a fase mais importante de sua vida — a maternidade — leandra medine está no topo do mundo. mãe, businesswoman e fashionista, a blogger divide suas conquistas e a fórmula para começar, comandar e manter um negócio de sucesso.

Qual é a missão mais importante do Man Repeller e por que? 
LM: É uma dupla missão: por um lado, o Man Repeller tem como objetivo fazer com que as mulheres se sintam menos sozinhas e mais compreendidas, especialmente porque quando eu era mais nova eu não tive alguém me dizendo que estava tudo bem em ser do jeito que eu era — o que me levou a acreditar que, para ser alguém no mundo, eu tinha que me conformar com normas que realmente não me definiam nem me permitiam que eu me expressasse com naturalidade e clareza. Conquistar seus objetivos e sentir orgulho das nuances que definem nossas identidades e vulnerabilidades, são realmente o ponto crucial do compromisso da Man Repeller com suas leitoras. A moda é simplesmente um canal para fazer isso possível.

Como seu relacionamento com a moda mudou depois que também virou seu trabalho?
LM: Honestamente, não mudou muito. Eu sempre fui uma grande admiradora da moda em geral e de todos os estilos, e a única coisa que permaneceu a mesma ao longo da minha carreira é o quanto eu amo roupas.

Você tem um site incrível que cresceu muito rápido em poucos anos; um livro, e parcerias com marcas extraordinária. Quais são seus projetos pro futuro? Parece que existe sempre uma ênfase no que vem a seguir, no próximo plano, porque sempre deve haver algo novo?
LM: Como você disse, meu site cresceu muito em apenas alguns anos, então eu acho que agora é o momento de garantir que todo esse crescimento valeu a pena, que estamos fazendo tudo de forma adequada e eficiente e que nosso público ainda está tão engajado quanto estava no início.

O New York Times fez uma matéria sobre você seis meses depois do lançamento do seu site e em apenas alguns anos o Man Repeller ganhou uma enorme quantidade de leitores. Como você lidou com essa reação positiva?
LM: Eu fiquei extasiada. Foi extremamente emocionante, viciante, e eu recebi a oportunidade de braços abertos.

O Man Repeller sempre fala sobre estar confortável na sua própria pele, não só no quesito de moda e estilo, mas na vida em geral. Qual é o seu conselho para as pessoas a procura do que realmente as fazem felizes?
LM: Descobrir sua própria felicidade realmente requer que você se enfrente com muita sinceridade, com muita frequência e que esteja disposta a deixar para trás o que sabe para aprender o que não sabe.

‘As três facetas mais importantes de começar um negócio de sucesso incluem de quem você se cerca e as pessoas que contrata, o nível de foco que você é capaz de manter, que deve ser afiado mas sem visão em túnel para que você esteja atento aos seus arredores, e muita, muita disciplina.

Qual foi a melhor lição que você aprendeu depois que abriu seu próprio negócio?
LM: As três facetas mais importantes de começar um negócio de sucesso incluem de quem você se cerca (as pessoas que você contrata), o nível de foco que você é capaz de manter (deve ser afiado, mas isso não significa que você deve ter visão em túnel, esteja sempre atento ao seus arredores) e disciplina.

Qual conselho você daria para alguém que está começando no mesmo caminho?
LM: Há muito preconceito em torno de mulheres lançando seus próprios negócios hoje em dia, como se você não pudesse ter sucesso ao menos que você seja uma CEO, e isso parece extremamente oco para mim — você pode absolutamente encontrar sucesso e sentir-se empoderada sem estar comandando seu próprio negócio. Ser dona do seu próprio negócio não é para todo mundo, e isto não é um problema.

Você tem um destino de viagem favorito? Se sim, aonde e porque? Quais são as melhores dicas para visitar este lugar?
LM: Para as férias: St Barths na primavera quando está mais calmo; a ilha é muito boêmia e a sensação é muito francesa, apesar de estar a apenas três horas de Nova York. A comida é deliciosa, as compras são boas e o estilo de vida é tão fácil que você provavelmente poderia fugir sem empacotar nenhum sapato. Para mim, o verdadeiro teste para ver se você está realmente de férias, é quanto tempo você pode ficar sem usar sapatos.

Na sua opinião, quais são os melhores e os piores lados do impacto das mídias sociais em nossa sociedade?
LM: O melhor: todo mundo tem uma opinião que vale a pena. ser ouvida. O pior: todo mundo tem uma opinião que vale a pena ser ouvida.

Como você define seu lifestyle?
LM: Nos últimos 5 anos, extremamente agitado — como se eu estivesse constantemente pegando bolas que eu não quero deixar cair, ou me machucando invés de deixá-las cair. Muito mais reativo do que intencional, mas estou tentando mudar isso.

Quais são alguns dos seus spots favoritos em NY para comer, fazer compras e se divertir?
LM: Sant Ambroeus (para um croissant) na Lafayette Street, Maman (para um chá matcha e um café) na Broome Street, Sobaya (para noodles Japoneses) no East Village, Temple Bar (para um drink) na Bleecker Street, Totokaelo (para comprar Dries van Noten em Downtown) na Crosby Street, Forty Carrots (para um froyo) também na Crosby Street.

Photo: Pedro Arieta
Creative Direction: Claudia Ribeiro Bernstein

La Réserve – Paris

The real luxury lies in the simplicity of finely selected furniture with unique and elegant pieces. It is also in the discreet and impeccable service of an extremely well-prepared staff. A home away from home, with attention to the smallest details. This is La Réserve Paris.

Private Affairs @lareserveparis

A hotel that honors the class, that’s how you safely describe the La Réserve de Paris. In fact, the establishment is listed as the number 1 hotel in the world in different selections of internationally renowned publications. Occupying a distinctive building next to the Champ-Elysées, it graces its guests with views of important historic buildings such as the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pantheon. In its interior, it brings the elegance of a private apartment of the nineteenth century, with ultra-personalized and discreet services. These characteristics, in fact, translate quite significantly the concept of the hotel.

Unlike some other hotels, where much of the motivation to stay in one of their suites comes from the pleasure of seeing and being seen, in La Réserve the idea involves being very well received, but without pomp, circumstance or ostentation. Here, the greatest luxury comes from the discretion with which its staff accompanies its guests, guaranteeing a service of high quality and, at the same time, keeping your privacy completely untouched. This, in fact, is the standard of excellence present in the other hotels of the network, as in the units of Geneva and Ramatuelle.

Whoever visits the place notice this motto in all moments and environments. Beautifully decorated, the library with its fireplace in the center may be the perfect choice for an afternoon tea, after a beautiful walk through the charming surroundings of the 8ème. For breakfast, it is worth changing the warmth of the suite on at least one of the days to sample the delights of French cuisine on the terrace of the hotel, illuminated by the light of the sun even in the cold days.

Photos: Courtesy La Reseve – Paris

Chef’s Club – New York

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The intimate spot with only 24 seats offers exclusive dishes signed by the best chefs in the world, as well as winners of the Best New Chefs Award from Food & Wine. With a seasonal menu, the open kitchen provides a privileged view of the chefs’ work. On select nights it is possible to taste creations by superstars Hélène Darroze or Jowett Yu.

Photos Courtesy of Chefs Club. 

Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch

SoHo, one of New York’s most charming neighborhoods, has won a French touch with the opening of La Mercerie, a typical Parisian cafe in the Roman and Williams Guild

Bright & Brilliant  @rwguild

Inspired by the charming cafes of Paris and designed by the acclaimed designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, “La Mercerie” is the newest restaurant inside the Roman and Williams Guild at SoHo, in partnership with Stephen Starr. Signed by the chef Marie-Aude Rose, La Mercerie’s menu features day-to-day delights of French cuisine such as crepes and tartare – as well as the café offering the traditional Charlotte chocolate cake. Cocktails combine the elegance and sophistication of the dishes with the Guild’s unique style. They have options from breakfast to dinner, for any time of the day.

The design of the forty-three-seat coffee shop features signature furniture and other attractions that are a separate luxury: An Emily Thompson flower shop and a Phaidon library. The tables, as well as the lamps, chairs, cups and even coffee napkins, are part of the Guild collection and are available for purchase in the shop. In addition, the menu offers a totally French wine list that ranges from less traditional regions to the best and classic producers.

Photos: Courtesy of La Mercerie.

Gala Gonzalez

Photographed in the hottest space in New York City, the Neuehouse, one of the most important fashion influencers of the moment, Gala Gonzalez creates his style exactly looking to escape from fads. Gala believes that naturalness is what can be the coolest in her way of being.

Effortless Cool

shop.amlul @galagonzalez

“I don’t follow the rules, I follow my instinct. I deeply appreciate color palettes and shapes, so for me it’s all about balance and what is spontaneously cool,” she explains.

Authenticity is the watchword for Gala Gonzalez when it comes to style. “Effortless,” she would say, to explain that careless, literally effortless way of combining attitude and good taste, bringing her own references to create unpretentious looks with her face. Art, music, the people around it, and the many influences of the 60s and 70s are your sources of inspiration when choosing how to dress – which means more positioning towards life than simply clothing compositions.

It must be this great load of naturalness with which you face the fashion that has made you become one of the most revered bloggers of the moment, dictating trends around the world.

And it is with this same spontaneous way that Gala moves through different art forms, attacking from designer to DJ, and having as a new project the launch of a brand of own clothes, scheduled for the end of this year.

“I am sensitive to what’s happening all over the world. there’s that poignant warsan shire quote: ‘I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered ‘where does it hurt?’ it answered ‘everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.’

And if Gala is a model for so many women, what would your references be? She has no doubt in quoting one of the biggest, Anita Pallenberg, an actress, model and icon in the 1970s, as well as a former Stone Keith Richards. wife “The first time I saw her in a performance with Mick Jagger and her fur coat I thought, ‘I’ve never seen anyone look so cool without trying’. It has inspired Kate Moss and brands like Gucci for decades and is still copied very often” says Gala. As for preferred labels, the list is broader and includes names like Loewe, Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, Mango, Isabel Marant e Reformation

Another very strong artistic aspect in Gala is the music. Of course, the inspiration comes from the era that most influences her, to the sound of the band The Doors, which she says she listens to all day. But the contemporary scene also cheers her up, especially music festivals. One of his favorites is Calvi On the Rocks, which takes place in the Corsica region of France. Without so much exposure, it has almost 100% French audiences, which guarantees all the cool and exclusive air that trend makers, like her, seek.

This year, for example, she traded the famous Coachella for another event, Bombay Beach Biennale. “It’s an art festival located in Bombay Beach, California, where there are art installations all over an almost ghost town that used to be a vacation hot spot in the 1970s,” she says.

But what has a lot to do with her is that she’s a true globe-trotter. Although born in A Coruña, in the Galicia region, she is from Barcelona she misses and where she prefers to return when she goes to Spain. Its main address today is in London, but it is also mostly in New York. There is a favorite place at Café Mogador, in the East Village, to taste Moroccan food. “Whenever a friend is in town I take him there and it’s always delicious. Besides the vibe, which is great, you never know who you might bump into, ”says Gala. And where could we bump into her in NY? “In the new Ludlow House unit in SoHo, perfect for brunch or business meetings if you’re downtown and Reformation store, also in SoHo, for the best summer dresses.” And if she says, it’s already a trend.

“For over 48 hours, people from all over the world come together and walk around the city, interacting with the art displayed there. There are live bands, ballet performances and electronic music as well. It’s kind of a Burning Man, but for those who don’t need to post selfies, ”concludes Gala, making it clear that fads aren’t her thing.

1 – Designer, Dj, blogger, influencer what’s next for Gala Gonzalez?
Gala: My very own brand which will be released before the end of the year 🙂

2- How do you define style? (your style)
Gala: Eclectic and effortless for sure. But I let the world I live in guide me while at the same time I’m a sucker for the 60s & 70s

3 – What do you think makes your style so unique that it pleases people so much?
Gala: I don’t follow the rules. I follow my gut. I deeply enjoy color palettes and shapes, so for me, it’s all about balance and effortless coolness.

4 – Is Anita Pallenberg still a reference for you?
Gala: One of my biggest. The first time I saw her at Performance with Mick Jagger and her fur coat I was like: Oh my I’ve never seen anyone look so cool without trying. She has inspired the likes of Kate Moss or brands like Gucci for decades and she’s still copied very often. She nailed it!

5 – Current favorite brands?
Gala: Loewe, Jacquemus,  Louis Vuitton, mango, Isabel Marant, Reformation…

6 – What city do you identify with the most?
Gala: I’ve lived more than 12 years in London and I consider it my second home, but I’ve fallen for New York very hard… so it’s a tough choice!

7 – During the shoot you mentioned going to a music festival other than Coachella, but happening at the same time, could you share your experience?
Gala: This year I decided to swap Coachella for Bombay Beach Biennale, it’s an art festival located in Bombay Beach, California where there are art installations all over an “almost” ghost city that once, back in the 70s, used to be a hot spot for vacation. Over 48 hours people from everywhere gather and walk around the town, interacting with the art exhibited there. There are live bands, ballet performances, and electronic music too…  it’s kind of the new burning man, but for those who don’t need to post selfies of themselves.

8 – Any favorite music festival to share?
Gala: I had an amazing time at Calvi on the rocks in Corsica. It’s a French festival with pretty much 99% French people, spread out on the beach with DJs and bands.

9 – When I’m happy I listen too… Sad, Mad, Working out…
Gala: The Doors all day long

10 – Summer is around the corner, what is your go-to cocktail?
Gala: I’m not a big fan of drinking, but if I have to choose one drink it would be a classic G&T!

11 – What restaurant makes it the best?
Gala: Anyone in the lower east side

12 – What is your favorite summer getaway?
Gala: Europe, because during the wintertime I spend so much time between Bali and Los Angeles I love going back home for some foodie!

13 – Your world seems to have emerged in the arts, where do you go for inspiration(s)?
Gala: Mainly my friends make it happen… but of course I also love spending Sundays at a museum or checking new exhibitions when I travel

14 – Does your sources change when you are looking for fashion or music inspirations or is it all about experiences?
Gala: It’s always about experiences, like life.

15 – What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Gala: Chocolate, but everyone who knows me knows by now what #chocolinioftheday means

16 – What automatically puts you in a good mood?
Gala: Chocolate!

17 – If you could tell 15-year-old you one thing, what would it be?
Gala: Don’t worry too much and listen more

18 – You are always traveling, but which city from Spain do you miss the most?
Gala: Barcelona, it is a very special place for me, relaxes me.

19 – What’s your favorite spot in your home in New York?
Gala: Cage Mogafor, because before moving to Ny I always used to go and I still do as much now. Whenever someone is in town I always take them there, and it’s always as delicious, plus the vibe it’s great and you never know who you’re gonna bump into.

20 – If you could host your ideal dinner party, who would you invite?
Gala: Probably Jimmy Kimmel because he’s a character and I love people who can actually make you laugh and Jim Morrison if he was alive!

21- The inevitable; Could you share some of your favorites places in New York?
Gala: Ludlow House ( the new Soho house ) perfect for brunch or meetings if you are downtown. Reformation in Soho, for the best summer dresses. Cafe Mogador in the East Village for brunch on Sundays and a taste of Moroccan cuisine.

Photo: Pedro Arieta
Creative Direction: Claudia Ribeiro Bernstein

Meghan Markle

It doesn’t take lights or camera to get her on the action: Meghan Markle is a whole different show, as a woman and a professional. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the actress who gives life to the character Rachel Zane in USA’s series suits, is even stronger and more interesting out of the starry script as impossible as it may sound.

Woman of Wonders

“Living in buenos aires was (and still is for me) a great reminder to be brave. It opens the door to the best life experience”

While double majoring in Theater and International Relations, Meghan worked at the American Embassy in Buenos Aires before devoting herself exclusively to her acting career. Her experience in this South American land seems to have been crucial to her success. “I was only twenty years old when I moved to Buenos Aires – I barely spoke the language, I had never worked at the embassy before, and I had never been to South America!

It was the most amazing experience of my life, mostly because I stepped out of my comfort zone and embraced every second of it. Suddenly I was speaking Castellano, making new friends, and learning so much about the culture – and about myself. It was (and still is for me) a great reminder to be brave. It opens the door to the best life experience”, she points out. And it all serves as a lesson to this day, to deal with various situations – like the current American political scene, for example, which is on the verge of a presidential election. In this case, the actress ponders reason and emotion for us to introduce a new point of view: “my perception of the current state of political and international affairs has less to do with my degree and much more to do with being a global citizen. 

I love my country, and I am saddened and worried by all of the unrest we are living in”, and adds, “I am sensitive to what’s happening all over the world. There’s that poignant Warsan Shire quote: ‘I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered ‘where does it hurt?’ It answered ‘everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.’” You don’t need to have studied international relations to have that resonate. 

Meghan Amrkle

“I am sensitive to what’s happening all over the world. there’s that poignant warsan shire quote: ‘I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered ‘where does it hurt?’ it answered ‘everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.’

That’s human. Sure, I can intellectualize it, but that’s a truth I feel deep in my heart”. Her great heartbeats beyond the plastic beauty of words and oxygenates goodness in the world. Since Meghan is a former UN advocate for women and currently the Global Ambassador for World Vision, she does not hesitate to speak in favor of minorities and poor communities. “I honestly believe that it is our human obligation to give back. It doesn’t matter if it’s a very small act of kindness, but every little bit matters – volunteering at a soup kitchen, standing up when someone is being bullied, just giving someone a hug when they need it. Those are all acts of grace. I have been to Rwanda twice now and appreciate being able to do aid work there, but I think it’s important for people to remember that you don’t have to travel to be of service.

 There is so much you can do at home as well – so volunteering doesn’t have to seem like such a lofty goal. Just make it a part of your lifestyle”, she says. But ever since she created wings, Meghan does not want to stand still: she wants to see the world and spread her optimism, humility, and compassion around.

From the places she has visited, she has a special place in her heart for an adventure aboard a trailer across South Island, New Zealand. “It reminds me of my home state of California or of the island of Crete (where I also did a road trip) because you can go from so many different climates and terrains. In New Zealand, it was hiking a glacier one day to the winery the next and then a few days later swimming in the open sea with hundreds of dolphins within reach. It was absolute magic,” she recalls.

Between one adventure and another, the beauty has found the time for another great passion: gastronomy. Meghan is a devotee of good cooking and does not miss the chance to taste new flavors whenever the opportunity knocks at her door. Her fondness for the classics, however, reveals a mature woman, those who prefer something simple but well done, like a good cacio pepe pasta or steak fries – two of her favorite dishes. If her appetite is great for food, it is even greater when it comes to her ambitions. “I dream big and bigger!

My life is more amazing than I ever thought it could be. I dreamt of becoming a successful working actress, which I can now very thankfully tick off the list. And I also dream to have a family. It’s all about balance, and I have so much happiness in my career and am fortunate to travel the world and see so many amazing things – it will also be nice to be anchored to something grounded and in the same place. Raising a family will be a wonderful part of that,” she says. Despite the twinkle in her eyes and the smile on her face, Meghan is not all sunshine and rainbows, as she knows and feels the hard times of life; she just does not lose sight of her privileges, and try to face adversity from a learning perspective.

“I honestly believe that it is our human obligation to give back. it doesn’t matter if it’s a very small act of kindness, but every little bit matters. volunteering doesn’t have to seem like such a lofty goal. just make it a part of your lifestyle”

“I think it helps a lot that I am communicative. I address it head-on. If I have a concern, I voice it. It’s much easier to have a genuine smile when you are being present and not harboring any resentment or grudges. Another great quote comes to mind: ‘say what you mean and mean what you say because the people that matter won’t mind, and the people that mind doesn’t matter.’ Then smile, “ she explains. And you are wrong if you believe that the secure woman that you see on your screen is a mere show business creation: Meghan knew her power and capacity from an early age, and that has not changed with fame – the artist, by the way, neither recognizes herself as “famous”, because, she says “I still look in the mirror and see the same freckled face I’ve known for 35 years”.

To this topic, the Californian beauty adds “my life has changed because my access has changed, and so has the level of privacy in my life, but these are champagne problems because I wouldn’t rather be back to auditioning. And change can be really good – as long as your character is intact. Who you are as a person will only be amplified once you are “famous” so if you had a good heart then, I would imagine you’ll have the same good heart, but the means to do even more with it. Which circles back to the earlier question about giving back and volunteering….boom!”.

The explanatory power of the actress can sometimes confuse us: are we facing Meghan or Rachel Zane? Embodying the character for six years, it is natural to think that the two have much in common. “She’s so layered and very emotional. I love her drive and her kindness, but I clearly also love her closet. Just playing dress up with such beautiful pieces of clothing has been like a Cinderella moment every day on set,” she loosens. But even without the clothes, the dresses, and the shoes, Meghan seems to continue living in her own fairy tale — it may not be perfect because things seldom are,  but she sure fights for her happily ever after. 

Photo: Pedro Arieta
Creative Direction: Claudia Ribeiro Bernstein

L´horizon – Palm Springs

An unconventional marriage between Hollywood’s golden era glamor and laid-back desert casualness gives new life to this 1950s gem located just minutes from downtown palm springs no less grandeur.

California Dreaming @lhorizonpalmsprings

Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable , and Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon all stayed at L’Horizon long before it opened to the public. That’s because this Palm Springs gem was originally designed in 1952 by renowned architect William F. Cody as a private family retreat for the television producer, oil tycoon, and legendary hotel owner Jack Wrather and his wife, Hollywood actress Bonita “Bunny” Granville. 

At the time, Wrather, who produced both “The Lone Ranger” and “Lassie”, built the Disneyland hotel and opened the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose, commissioning the residence as a relaxing getaway for his Hollywood friends. Now, the property maintains the feeling of Hollywood’s golden age at the same time as it has been redeveloped as a luxury resort. Responsible for the multi-million dollar refresh is renowned designer Steve Hermann, known as the design guru for the Hollywood elite, celebrities, and foreign royalty. Nestled within three acres of gorgeous manicured desert grounds, it offers the perfect boutique hotel experience to the most demanding of guests.

A rather startling mountain backdrop frames this midcentury architectural jewel set in hip South Palm Springs, first of the region to be a part of the Leading Hotels of the World, to have a Michelin star chef heading its restaurant and to represent the new Steve Hermann Hotels – from the designer to the houses of everyone from Christina Aguilera to Vera Wang to the Saudi Royal Family. Located in Deepwell, a residential neighborhood close to the former hideaway homes of celebrities like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and Kirk Douglas, the hotel is only a short drive to downtown and not far from the thermal wonders of Desert Hot Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. 

Here, only 25 upscale bungalows, each different from one another, anticipate fortuitous guests. While some provide a private zero edge pool and patio with furniture, as well as floor to ceiling glass windows, others uncover a full-length rain forest shower overlooking a private terrarium filled with cacti. In some way or another, though, all provide a feeling of immediate connection to the surrounding environment. A blend of vintage and modern, the rooms feature exposed wood post and beam ceilings, wide plank flooring, chevron curtains, Italian furniture, marble bathrooms, espresso machines, and Apple TVs, as well as special attention to lighting, with products by Brendan Ravenhill, Bert Frank, Buster and Punch, and Forbes and Lomax. 

Le Labo bath amenities and Frette robes, slippers and 600 thread count sheets are provided in every room. The insider tip for Marilyn Monroe fans is to go for the Fireplace Junior Suite Bungalow no. 10, where she used to stay in the 1950s. The accommodation features an indoor copper-clad fireplace for cool nights and an outdoor shower where, allegedly, she used to shower al-fresco under the desert stars. The pinnacle of luxury at L’Horizon, however, lies within The Residence, once home to original owner Jack Wrather. With over 2000 square feet, it boasts a secluded yard with full sized pool and wet bar, a preeminent sunken seating area, and breathtaking, unobstructed mountain views. While Steve Hermann didn’t alter the footprint much, he added an open-air spa and an alfresco restaurant that make all the difference to the property. 

Decorated with fountains, fire pits, and Lindsey Adelman chandeliers (and sporting an enjoyable 26-foot long live edge walnut communal table, perfect for large groups), restaurant SO•PA lies in a “secret garden”, shaded by trees and illuminated by flickering candlelight after the sun sets, where once were the badminton courts for Mr. Wrather. The kitchen is administered by chef Chris Anderson, known for reinventing the entire menu and wine pairings at Moto, a cutting-edge molecular gastronomy restaurant in Chicago, for which he earned its second Michelin star. In the Californian venue, some of the front-runners are the wagyu tartare with wild sturgeon caviar and the poached lobster with Dungeness crab ravioli and avocado mousse. 

To top it off, indulgent treats include the french toast ice cream with brioche chips and the strawberry shortcake with bruléed tomatoes and basil gel. The Pool Cabanas and Patio are the idyllic locations to unwind with a prosecco or a lavender gin fizz in hand while overlooking the mountainous views. Veiled behind leafy ficus trees, the courtyard looks and feels like a desert sanctuary, where sleepy guests swing slowly in hammocks or lounge by the infinity pool – where much appreciated complimentary poolside massages for foot and back round off the ultimate relaxing experience.

 Other small unexpected luxuries appear every so often, such as a welcome glass of champagne and a personalized brass plaque on each door. The relaxation continues (and culminates) at the spa, where white canvas cabanas, private outdoor showers, and a fresh juice bar set the tone for some nourishing pampering. The lemongrass mimosa scrub and the espresso mud wrap, with volcanic pumice and black salt clay, are some of the top procedures. Any massage can be enhanced with a revitalizing wild lime scalp treatment or an energizing peppermint balm foot therapy, while facials can have valuable additions such as a Vitamin C15 serum, that helps guard skin against free radicals, or a 15% Glycolic Peel, that combines acids derived from sugarcane with soothing aloe vera to re-texturize the skin. For the athletic types, the resort offers scheduling assistance for 24-hour personal fitness trainers and guided walking and hiking trails, as well as expert yoga training. 

Photos: Courtesy L´Horizon Hotel

Armani Hotel – Milano

Following the success of its inaugural address in Dubai, inside Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, the Armani Hotel in native Milan is set in the heart of the city and has no less grandeur.

Branded Experience @armanihotelmilano

The architectural ground on which the Armani Hotel Milano stands is shaped as a colossal “A”, something only visible from above. Be it coincidence or destiny (the palazzo was originally designed in the 1930s), the fact is that “Stay with Armani” is not merely a slogan in the hotel captained by the fashion genius: Giorgio Armani’s unique taste and lifestyle philosophy are imprinted in every detail. 

The building is located at Via Manzoni, one of the busiest and most fashionable streets in the city, and, not by chance, within the limits of the “quadrilatero della moda”, which translates to “fashion square” and is a high-class shopping district comprising the world’s major fashion houses. Attuned to what is expected from a haute couture label, the hotel provides an exclusive level of service delivered by the so-called Lifestyle Managers, who are assigned to guests as hosts and have the premise of meeting, with discreet assistance, their every need and wish. “A” class.

From the moment you step into the sleek lobby, you know you are entering somewhere special. Highly polished black marble and backlit onyx features fill the reception, lined with glass cases of Armani handbags and shoes. Above are some of the largest suites in the city. Every element in the 95 guestrooms seems to have been thought of thoroughly. 

Ranging from 45 to 200 square meters, they all have their own circular vestibule, a multiuse workstation, and a marble bar. Cupboards that recess into the walls reference Armani’s passion for order and sense of space. In-room iPads control lights, curtains, music, and temperature. The muted hues are in natural nuances of creamy brown. Silk georgette, leather, dark wood, and smooth Asian limestone make for a classy, minimalist look, with just the occasional adornment, such as cushions woven with gold thread. 

The bathrooms, with double sinks and large bathtubs, include a shower enclosure with one-way glass, that allows a view from the inside-out only – and, of course, Armani amenities. The public areas are concentrated on the “glass hat” (floors seven and eight), which boasts a dazzling panoramic view encompassing the historic Duomo, Milan’s dramatic Gothic cathedral. On the seventh floor, the Michelin-starred Ristorante draws on the rich traditional local cuisine and offers an extensive wine menu. 

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels chequered marble floors and cream leather seating set the slick ambiance. On the opposite side, the Bamboo Bar looks out over the skyline and serves innovative cocktails such as Bloody Marys with mozzarella foam, Martinis with balsamic vinegar and Daiquiris with blue cheese. Relaxing DJ sets are played from Wednesday to Saturday and, on Fridays, good live music can be enjoyed.

The eight-floor is devoted entirely to beauty and wellbeing. The Spa offers six treatment rooms, as well as couples suites, and a range of treatments and therapies, such as four-hand massages and plantar reflexology. Hairdresser services are also available on request. Along with the spa, this space, covering 1000 square meters, offers a climate-controlled pool designed for relaxation, steam and sauna facilities and a 24-hour fitness gym. Also available around the clock is the business center, with a private conference room, various IT resources, remote-controlled lighting, and a kitchen. Whether you are visiting for work or pleasure, it seems that all your needs will be met with a very Armani style, if you know what I mean.  

Photos: Courtesy of Armani Hotel Milano

La Mamounia – Marrakesh

La Mamounia, the majestic mansion once owned by moroccan royalty, emulates the tantalizing and seductive beauty of ancient Marrakech with a modern twist, whilst remaining forever regal.

Eternal Place @lamamouniamarrakech

In the Islamic religion, paradise originates from a garden – the word “Jannah” refers to both. Such is the case at Hotel La Mamounia. In the eighteenth century, the sultan of Morocco, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah, offered one precious city garden in Marrakech to each of his four sons as wedding gifts. The most famous of them, named after Prince Mamoun, is where the hotel now stands. Covering 17 hectares and surrounded by twelfth-century walls, it is prominently located just a few minutes from the famous Koutoubia mosque and the Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Conceived in 1923 by architects Prost and Marchisio, the property combines the country’s traditional architecture with the Art Deco style. It has since been expanded and refurbished four times, between 1946 and 2006, increasing from 50 to 210 rooms, and re-designed by internationally acclaimed Jacques Garcia – but always maintaining the key features for which it has been admired since its construction. Four restaurants, four bars, an 800 square meters swimming pool and a 2.500 square meter spa now unfold the ultimate Moroccan travel experience.

A cool glass of almond milk and a platter of tender dates greet visitors that pull up in the hotel’s sleek Daimler Jaguars at the lobby of La Mamounia, where candlelight produces a gilded effect against the mahogany furniture and the hotel’s signature scent, a mixture of cedar trees and fresh citrus, created by world-renowned French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, floats through the air. The treats continue to the rooms, where a welcoming cocktail, fresh fruit, and local delicacies await next to flowers, typical Moroccan slippers, and generously sized amenities abound. Rooms feature rich and shimmering tones, king size beds with studded leather headboards, thick rugs, and throws, intricately patterned wall tiles, internal lattice-wood screens, and colorful mosaic-tiled floors, as well as the latest in technology and white marble bathrooms.

They are divided into 135 rooms from 30 to 45 square meters, 71 suites from 55 to 212 square meters and 3 riads, with 700 square meters. The latter can accommodate up to six adults and provide three bedrooms, three bathrooms, Moroccan salons, and private swimming pools and terraces, as well as a 24-hour butler service. One of the hotel’s famed guests, Winston Churchill, who often established his winter quarters here – several of his paintings of the property’s garden hang in the Churchill Museum, in England –, gives name to a bar and a special suite, which displays a very British Chesterfield desk and a distressed leather sofa. The statesman is not, however, the only luminary to have stayed here – in fact, it seems almost easier to list who hasn’t stayed at La Mamounia than who has. French general Charles de Gaulle, for example, had a special bed made to accommodate his full 1.96 meters. 

Cinema stars that have experimented with the hotel’s luxuries include Kirk Douglas, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Juliette Binoche, and Catherine Deneuve, while renowned filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock and Eric Von Stroheim actually filmed inside it. Even Charlie Chaplin has stayed here. Fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Balmain, and Christian Louboutin also visited, as did musicians Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, and The Rolling Stones. Not to mention royals and heads of state such as Franklin Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela and Princess Caroline of Monaco. The list is endless. Quite the celebrity is also chef Alfonso Iaccarino, a precursor of the Mediterranean cuisine in southern Italy and owner of 2 Michelin stars, who acts as a consultant for L’Italien, one of four superb restaurants onsite. With low lighting and vibrant hues of purple, it serves, of course, Italian contemporary cuisine. Don’t miss the mozzarella soufflé for starters, one of the chef’s signature dishes.

Each restaurant has an adjacent bar, and Le Bar Italien, with opulent velvet armchairs in orange and red, is quite the romantic choice. At Le Marocain, it is all about local cuisine. Try the lamb rack glazed with thyme honey and walnut with stewed pineapple and celeriac or the couscous with marinated tuna and vegetable emulsion. For dessert, the strawberry tagine with tomato masala offers an explosion of flavors. Live regional music is played at the restaurant and the bar, situated on the terrace. With stunning views over the garden, it is the perfect place to catch the sunset and watch the hotel transform itself as hundreds of lanterns are lit to create a dreamy nighttime environment.

Brasserie chic is the motto at Le Français, where special ingredients include Casablanca duck liver pate, locally sourced from Michlifen, succulent Dakhla, and Oualidia oysters, and fresh Agadir lobster and lamb reared in the Atlas mountains. Marble columns and oversized lampshades decorate the restaurant. At the Churchill Bar, leather and fine wood paneling prevail, with a 1930s jazz atmosphere reinforced by the singer piano duo performs almost every evening. The drink named after the politician mixes Tanqueray No. Ten gin seasoned with marjoram and champagne. At the poolside Pavillon de la Piscine, a lavish buffet breakfast is served, which is transformed into a scenic and extra luxurious brunch on Sundays, including fresh seasonal products, cured meats, and fish, lobsters, oysters, smoked salmon, salads, tagines and an excessive array of homemade jams and patisseries. And champagne, of course! For the sweet tooth, the Le Menzeh Glacier & Pâtissier, nestled in the gardens, serves unmissable macaroons and homemade ice-creams – the almond milk figures among the favorites. A small selection of games are available here for guest’s amusement.

To complete the gastronomic frenzy, the hotel’s wine cellar holds more than 3.500 bottles. As the food and drink, the 230 square meter marble and mosaic spa is also a highlight in La Mamounia: it has been voted best spa in Morocco for six years in a row by the respected Spafinder Wellness Institution. With ornate ceilings and arch columns, the area comprises three hammams, ten wellness rooms, a hairdressing salon, manicure and pedicure cabins, an indoor heated pool, a jacuzzi and a fitness studio equipped with Life Fitness machines. In addition to the lush native brand marocMaroc and German-based Amala, the spa uses exclusive products signed by the hotel that includes black soap, rich in vitamin E, and Rhassoul, a mineral clay extracted in the Atlas mountains rich in detergent properties, as well as argan oil, rose water and scented orange water. 

One of the stellar treatments, called Light on Body, includes a hammam evasion, a black soap application, a body scrub with a kessa (special exfoliating glove), an orange infusion, an almond milk shampooing, an amber honey body scrub, and a light seeds face scrub, followed by an aromatic massage with argan oil and monoï butter, back scrub and a hot stone massage. Phew! Other facilities available for guests are specific areas for practicing pilates and yoga, two clay tennis courts, ping pong tables, a bowling court, a library, a tea room, a business center, and a 1500 square meter vegetable garden.

Last but not least, the swimming pool, remodeled in the style of the city’s Menara gardens and decorated with fish-scale tiles, is a silent glittering haven. Even if you do not have a reservation at La Mamounia, don’t leave the city without visiting for a replenishing dip in the pool or, at least, an afternoon mint tea. 

Photos Courtesy of The Leading Hotels of the World part of La Mamonia.

Mandarin Oriental – Marrakesh

Blending its Asian heritage with local Moroccan influences, the Mandarin Oriental makes its African debut in Marrakech displaying a rustic sophistication concept together with the chain’s well-known unparalleled service.

African Escape

mandarinoriental @mo_marrakech

More than 100,000 fragrant roses and some 500-years old olive trees from the snow-capped Atlas Mountains repose beside scented jasmines and night blooming Cestrum in the Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech’s 20 hectares of landscaped gardens. Cactus and prickly pear plants also dot the area, and their fruit can be enjoyed in ice creams served at the restaurant, while their oil is incorporated into traditional spa rituals. Only minutes from the city center and the famous Medina, the historical center, a labyrinth of narrow passageways and local shops full of character, the five-star hotel boasts a design inspired by local Berber and Andalusian-Arabic influences, which masterfully and harmoniously incorporates to the Oriental heritage that the chain is famous for. The resort marks the debut of the hotel group in Africa and, going against the trend seen in countless properties recently opened in the flourishing Marrakech industry, manages to cultivate a serene, authentic and unpretentious luxury feel.

Overnight stays in the desert, two-hour camel rides, trips into the Atlas Mountains and visits to the Palmeraie, a palm oasis of several hundred thousand trees at the edge of the city, or Essaouira, the former fishing village where Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley made their pilgrimage, can all be arranged. When even the nearest surroundings offer some of the country’s most appealing activities and experiences, you know the hotel has to be good to keep you inside. And the Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech does just that. Its 54 luxurious villas, which range from 228 to 423 square meters, each feature a heated pool, jacuzzi and open-air shower set within a private walled garden, in addition to outdoor kitchens with ceramic dining tables.

Traditional tadelakt motifs, mouth-blown vases and handwoven wool rugs from Rabat adorn the accommodations with regional flare, and the elegant marble bathrooms showcase specially developed products by local paraben-free brand Nectarome. Overlooking the resort with stunning garden views, the nine expansive suites don’t lag behind, offering either a rooftop plunge pool or a private infinity pool adjacent to the spa. Also available, for up to 19 people, is the Penthouse, spread over an entire floor and featuring deep soaking baths, walk-in steam showers with integrated hammams and outside terraces with private plunge pools, sunbathing areas, and dining tables. 

Named after fresh green olives found in the region of the Meknès, the Mes’Lalla restaurant celebrates traditional gastronomy with a unique twist from chef Meryem Cherkaoui, who turned to the much-appreciated recipes of local fishermen and farmers before creating his menu, resulting in a modern fusion of tastes and textures. Lamb is one of the star ingredients, appearing cooked at low temperature for seven hours and served with pear confit and ginger carrots, or in a perfect kebab topped with a Moroccan perfumed juice.

On the sweet side, highlights include hazelnut praline pastille and rose cannelloni with verbena red berry confit. Adjacent to the restaurant is the versatile Le Salon Berbère, which evolves from a breakfast venue to a pleasant afternoon tea lounge to a chic champagne bar. Menu highlights include grilled royal sea bream with herbs and niçoise salad with seared tuna. 

Open-air, all-day dining is available at the Pool Garden, under the shade of gorgeous bougainvillea filled pergolas. Scheduled to open this summer at the hotel is Ling Ling, a blend of restaurant and bar with a new dining experience that draws inspiration from the izakaya concept, popular in the East, where food accompanies the drinks and not the other way around. Here, cocktails will be at the heart of the experience. Although Mandarin Oriental’s bespoke “Time Rituals” encourage guests to book time rather than specific rituals, some of the tempting choices in treatments are the Remodelling Face – where four bio-stimulating currents promise to deliver wider-looking eyes, more pronounced cheekbones, a more clearly defined facial contour and less prominent wrinkles and the Pre and After Sun Rituals, which intend to prepare the skin for the Mediterranean sun and prolong its benefits. Product lines include Mandarin Oriental Signature Products, Biologique Recherche, Linda Meredith, Nectarome and Aromatherapy Associates.

The highlight of the spa, however, is the hammam, located at the heart of Moroccan culture for centuries. Treatments incorporating its use include the Caracal, a 4h20 procedure which includes a hair washing ritual, an oxygen facial, a scalp massage, a body massage, a blow-dry, and a makeup application. Pampering at its peak. The spa area also offers a fitness center with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weight training equipment for all levels, an indoor heated swimming pool, and a hairdresser and beauty salon, as well as a yoga studio and tai chi classes. Outdoors, leisure options include a golden swimming pool at the center of the resort, ideal for laps and leisurely dips, with over 600 square meters, a jogging track that spans throughout the property and an organic vegetable garden with more than 90 varieties of tomato. 

Look out for the blue tomato, known for its exceptional antioxidant properties. The resort also lies adjacent to two premium golf courses, to which guests have direct access. One of them is The Royal Golf, a legendary 27-hole course commissioned in 1927 by the Pasha of Marrakesh, Hadj Thami el Glaoui Mezouari, which has welcomed notable guests such as Winston Churchill and former president Ike Eisenhower. Tested and approved.  Although heavily influenced by the past, the Mandarin Oriental group is constantly looking towards the future, so much so that they have become a trailblazer in their industry; assume the risks and rewards of those willing to take the lead.

The company’s arrival in Marrakech was a reflection of this brazen ability to determine the trend, the Asian group anticipated the hype of mysterious giant and was surely correct. However, since life in Marrakech flows in no hurry, time is so abundant that we can bask in its beauty and culture and take our time getting to know all about Morocco and Marrakech – and if this takes forever, even better. 

Photos: Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Marrakech