Traveling to Bali and having the opportunity to stay in Amankila,  one of the hotels of the Aman Network, can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life.

Another Day in Paradise

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Just drop off at Ngurah Rai Airport so that the incense scents begin to create the atmosphere of what is expected of a season in Bali. One of the 17,508 islands of Indonesia, the province is part of the imagination of 9 out of 10 tourists, who have their paradisiacal beaches as a destination of desire for quite some time in life. And if you are fortunate enough to have this as your next destination, the choice of lodging can be decisive, for this is to be the most enchanting trip you have ever made. One of the determining factors in this sense has to do with hospitality, a term so in vogue lately that it finds its purest translation in the Aman network.

The 33 hotels of the group have in common the location, always in places with unique and stunning landscapes and impeccable service. Amankila, the Bali unit, still has the human factor as the highlight. The feeling we have is that the cordiality of the service does not come from irreproachable training, but from the heart, probably because many of the staff have been there since its inauguration in the early ’90s. In addition, it is a very welcoming people who make the act of serving an art, anticipating their desires and making them come true even before realizing you had them

A paradisiacal place like Bali and the hospitality of the collaborators would be good reasons to make the Amankila a special place, that receives, besides Asian tourists, also many Germans and Americans. However, a very important point for choosing this as your Indonesian retreat is the privacy that can be enjoyed throughout the hotel. In the presidential suite, for example, it is possible to have the feeling of seclusion without feeling reclusive while still having the infinite view of the Indian Ocean as landscape. This aspect, coupled with different massage rituals made with natural products, make the place one of the favorite destinations of many celebrities, such as Cara Delevingne.

Last but not least, let’s talk about local cuisine. Extremely unique, the local cuisine brings thousands of different flavors from the East, with a very unique preparation. It is worth sampling the sate, a kind of skewer that can be made with different marinated and grilled meats, and the Balinese rice, for example, with the friend Goreng or the steamed push. Even better if the meal is made on top of the mountain, in a reserved place but still belonging to the immense territory of the hotel, where it is possible to eat in typical huts, amid the local fauna and flora. It is a journey of peace and tranquility, with moments, turned inland, in a magnificent outdoor landscape.

Photos: Courtesy Amankila