Who was the most special character you ever interpreted in your life?
I wrote and directed a movie called ‘Broken Kingdom’. We released it in 2010, I think… The character of ‘Jason’ was a writer living in a kind of self-imposed exile in Bogotá, Colombia. He rescues a street girl from a dangerous altercation. The movie is about their relationship and why he has chosen to live so far from his former life.


In the show “The Originals” you played not only as an actor but also as a director. How was the experience of directing your co-stars? Do you see yourself directing more shows and movies or you prefer to focus on acting?
I’d like to do both. I don’t love one more than the other. I certainly have far more experience and prowess as an actor, given the years I’ve spent doing it. I definitely need to start directing more television. I need the experience. Directing my co-stars? They were wonderful and cooperative. Except when they weren’t. Which was most of the time.

Even tough acting makes you very busy you still find time for volunteer work with refugees in Uganda. What inspired you to start this new chapter in your life?
I am a very fortunate man-child, who enjoys a great deal of freedom and first world advantages. It would be obscene not to use my time and influence helping people without a voice.


What are your plans for the near future?
Well, I’m reasonably hungry, so I imagine I am going to eat some Japanese deliciousness in the very near future. Professionally? I don’t know. I’ve written a pilot to a TV Series. It’s a dark comedy set around my experiences as an actor on a supernatural show. With any luck, I’ll set it and get to work on that.