With a memorable interview, Gabriel Macht, the actor who gives life to the character Harvey Specter of Suits, Gabriel shows us who is the man behind the suit

Gabriel relinquished his suit, tie, and defense to meet us in Los Angeles, where we had a chance to talk. Son of fellow actor Stephen Macht and curator Suzanne Pulier, he made his living in the Bronx, suburb of New York, but spent much of his childhood in LA, where he moved with his family at the age of five. In spite of the good memories in California, Gabriel is a declared fan of NYC, one of the most extraordinary cities in the world, in his opinion – and the fact that Suits is set in the Big Apple, but filmed in Canada, wasn’t the best option. For the actor, even Toronto having received the cast with open arms, he thinks New York would give a brighter touch to the show.


In addition to being the star of Suits, Macht has also directed a few episodes and, despite the overwork, the American does not deny that he enjoyed the experience a lot, being able to get involved with the designers in the pre-production and to relate with the set colleagues in a different way, something that would never be possible to experience only as an actor. Recording the show in foreign lands is always a challenge, but it does not prevent the actor from seeing his family often – which is almost a requirement of him.

“Balancing work and family is always a very delicate thing, but I have a big commitment to those I love and I am very proud of it. When I’m not working, I travel every weekend to stay close to my wife and kids. On my priority list, the family always comes first. My children are small and I would not forgive myself for not seeing them grow. “

Quite different from his character, Gabriel admits being much more adept to jeans with a T-shirt and if he could choose “spend the day wearing shorts by the beach or pool.” With Harvey he says he has learned many things, especially being more human. “Vulnerability has a lot to add to us – more than a sequence of victories. Allowing yourself to fail opens the way for necessary changes that will fatally make you stronger. I tried to give Harvey traces of mine from the beginning, and what the writers did was to ‘peel’ it in and out, one layer at a time, to reveal a man full of traumas and fears. I think that’s what makes it so human because, in the end, and behind the masks, we’re all like that, and we spend our lives trying to (re) build. ”


Gabriel’s remarkable power of arguing is quite natural to him, and most likely would have guaranteed him a promising career in law – something that would certainly please his parents. “I think my parents would be happy if I or one of my siblings had become lawyers or doctors, but they never stopped supporting me in my choices, because I was always the favorite son,” he adds, “when they knew I wanted to follow the course of dramaturgy, they encouraged me to enter a good university and master the techniques of acting. I followed that advice and graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, then won the New York stage and accepted roles in independent films and participated in some television work – and then returned to Los Angeles. ”

It is not easy to find the actor through the streets of the city, because he does not frequent the fashionable places, nor is he an avid explorer of the metropolises he frequents most – NY, LA, and Miami.

“I do not have ‘favorite’ places and I keep the restaurants, parks and galleries that I usually visit as a secret, because I prefer to go unnoticed, but if I had to give some tips on attractions, there would be: Griffith Park in Los Angeles, Sheeps Meadow, in Central Park, and in Miami there’s no way, because there I really like my garden,” he jokes.




Coherent with his beliefs and words, the actor is also a vegetarian, and reveals that to dodge hunger during recordings, he bets on the power of green juice, vegetables and a good plate of humus. Another behind-the-scenes curiosity is that, unlike Harvey’s seriousness, Gabriel is pretty playful off the screens. Just as he does not like to reveal his favorite activities, Gabriel prefers not to talk much about himself. “I’ve never admired people who spend a lot of time talking about them alone, counting the places they visited and the things they did. I am a fan of exchange, because good conversation is a two-way street, “he argues. After opening up a little with us about some of his opinions, the good guy goes back to his modus operandi and, when it comes to his personal life, there is no way, the case is really closed.

PH: Justin Coit

Interview for the cover of Lifestyle Mag, the previous name of Claur Magazine