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Le Sirenuse, Positano

The small Italian commune in the Salerno region can be considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The hotel then easily comes on the list as one of the most charming in all of Europe.

If there’s a destination that should be on the list of 9 out of 10 people as one of the places to meet before they die, most likely it is Positano. From the movie scene to the main postcard of the Amalfi Coast, the tiny town takes your breath away from the first time – and the second, third or even more so if you have the opportunity to visit it. And since a trip to Positano represents something so special, it becomes practically mandatory to stay at Le Sirenuse, not just the best hotel in the area, but, its best expression. Founded in 1951 by the brothers Aldo, Paolo, Franco and Anna Sersale in the place where it was the summer house of the family, Le Sirenuse exudes personality.



Each of its 59 rooms – it was only eight at the beginning – has its own decoration, with furniture, pieces of art and even the floor of handmade tiles, designed for each of the rooms. Today under the command of Antonio Sersale, son of Franco, the hotel still counts with the whole family to take care of every detail. From the garden, where each plant has been carefully chosen, to the line of amenities, all created based on Eau D’Italie, exclusive essence of Le Sirenuse. Part of the Leading Hotels of the World group since 1970, it has a charming restaurant, La Sponda. An attraction aside, it specializes in local Neapolitan cuisine, and dishes prepared with only regional ingredients.




Another breathtaking setting is the Champagne and Oyster Bar, located on the terrace, has a full view of the sea and has the whole of Positano as a backdrop. You can spend a whole day there, enjoying the scenery and sipping one of the house’s most famous drinks, the Le Sirenuse Champagne Cocktail. Light and refreshing, but lively, with the presence of the fragrances and sensations of the Amalfi Coast, the drink carries gin, maraschino liqueur, and lemon juice, with the champagne finishing of each guest’s preference.




For your complete delight, the Le Sirenuse Spa offers body and facial therapies, always using natural products. As a highlight, the suite for couples, with simultaneous and synchronized treatments for two people, plus a private granite bath completing the relaxation experience. With all this, Positano is, for sure, paradise and Le Sirenuse is a little piece of heaven.


→  Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, Positano

♦Le Sirenuse


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