As a good fan of the show Suits, I was ecstatic to know that our cover with Meghan Markle was confirmed. I confess, that when I have some covers (mainly with people I’m a fan), I’m a bit afraid about shooting day. Since I started working with magazines and entertainment, there have been so many disappointments that sometimes I prefer or have too much contact not to lose the charm.

In that case, there would be no better surprise. When arriving at the shoot, Meghan gave me a huge smile and said: “I’m excited about these photos, I love Brazil.” That day we did not know, but she was already with Prince Harry, and every time she went to a corner to send messages to the “mysterious contact” where she always giggled cute, worthy of a woman completely in love. There is no denying that, as a prince and having a mother as strong as Diana, Harry has very high standards when choosing a girlfriend and introducing her to the world, right?



Let’s take a look at our future royalty. Meghan was doing two universities, Theater and International Relations. Not happy with her busy routine, she moved to Argentina at the age of 20 to work at the American Embassy in the country. This experience was crucial to his success.


“I was only twenty years old when I moved to Buenos Aires – I barely spoke the language, I had never worked in the embassy and never traveled to South America! It was the most incredible experience of my life, mainly because I left my comfort zone, I was speaking Spanish, making new friends and learning a lot about culture – and of course, about me. It was a great way to learn how to handle things on my own and be brave. “



As Meghan is a former UN Women’s Advocate and is currently Global Ambassador for World Vision, she does not hesitate to speak for minorities and poor communities. “I believe it’s our human duty to give back. It does not matter if the act of kindness is small, volunteering to make soup, shake hands with those who need to be lifted or just a hug, sometimes it’s all a person needs.”

I’ve been to Rwanda twice and I appreciate being able to help work there, but I think it’s important for people to remember that you do not have to travel to provide any service. There is a lot to do in your country too – so volunteering doesn’t have to be is an impossible mission, but something that is part of your lifestyle


Press play and check the making of and our Q&A with her at The James Hotel in New York City by the amazing photographer Peter Arieta. Enjoy!




Interview for the cover of Lifestyle Mag, the former name of Claur Magazine