Tell us a bit more about your story – have you always had a healthy lifestyle? 
I’ve always been into wellness and fitness but I didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with myself and my body. Through my experience of struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety and cystic acne for years is what led me on the path to healing myself first. Through this process, I became passionate about meditation, plant-based eating and moving in a way that you love yourself. This way of life not only became a business for me – it was so clear this was my true calling. I wanted nothing more than to share my message with anyone that was experiencing the same issues I had worked through in hopes to help in any way I could.

What are your beauty and healthy routine like?
My beauty and health routine go hand in hand. I believe everything that you put in your body from your thoughts, foods, workouts, and products – adds up and makes an impact on your whole self.

1. First and foremost I meditate every single day. I believe this is the foundation for inner peace and living a life with ease…no matter what is thrown at you.
2. I have hot water with lemon, a green juice, and a huge salad daily. Almost all of my meals are loaded with veggies.
3. All of my beauty and skincare products are non-toxic, which has made such a difference in the overall appearance of my skin.
4. My workouts consist of the method I created of slow controlled movements through yoga and pilates style sequences to sculpt long, lean lines throughout your entire body. I do these 20-30 minute workouts 4-5 times a week.


As a wellness influencer, do you believe you have a big responsibility and impact on people’s lives?
I’ve never looked at myself as an “influencer” to be honest. My goal in everything I share is to remain as true to myself and what I believe can help you feel your best. I definitely believe the information I share does make a positive impact on people lives solely through the endless feedback I receive from my community. That’s truly the best part about the work I do and motivates me to no end.

Do you have any health secret that you could share with us?
Yes, I have been on the celery juice kick for almost 4 weeks now and at almost 38 weeks pregnant I’m feeling pretty incredible with such a boost in energy. I know this is a combination of how I live my life but the celery juice is definitely a huge component. Also, lymphatic drainage massage and if you don’t have access to this you can do it yourself. Dry brushing daily is another great way to flush out toxins and increase circulation in the body. Then, of course, finding movement that you love and don’t look at as a chore to get done. Your body will respond in such a positive way when you shift your perception towards how you view your workouts.

What has changed ever since you’ve become a mother?
Literally everything. I’ve become a much more compassionate, kind, patient, loving and better listener than I ever was before having children. Most importantly it’s taught me to love everything that I’m doing and the people in my life with my whole heart. And to spend my days doing all the things that light me up.