What’s your neighborhood?
I live in Soho on the verge with Nolita.

Where do you get your fashion finds?
My favorite shops are the Opening Ceremony, Acne, Osklen, Reformation and Frame. Besides those, I love a little multi-brand store called Warm and also The Webster’s selection. They’re all in my neighborhood, which is quite convenient (but also dangerous). I do shop online most of the time.


You’ve been working with Carolina Herrera for years, tell us a little bit about it. You are their official model for the wedding dresses, right?
I’ve worked as an in-house model for Carolina Herrera for many years. Ready-to-wear and bridal, 6 collections per year, a lot of work! She was actually the reason why I moved to NY in the first place. I have loads of admiration for her, as a person and also as a professional, I’ve learned a lot. She’s a legend, her sense of humor is remarkable and her style impeccable. Recently the creative direction of the company was passed to Wes Gordon, who’s doing an excellent job. Since then I’ve headed in a different direction in my career. I’m working on a new project which I can’t disclosure just yet but I’m very excited about it!

3 essential things that you have to do in the morning in order to have a productive day ahead?
To drink a huge glass of (room temperature) water first thing when I wake up followed by a cup of black coffee, to work out religiously 5 to 6 days a week even if I have 30 min only and to have a spinach-blueberry-coconut water smoothie. Ops, I guess I have 4 essentials then.

What is your reading now?
I’m reading Elon Musk’s biography at the moment. His mind fascinates me.

What’s the story about Piero Nolita? The concept?
Pietro Nolita is my current office space and also an extension of my living room. It belongs to my better half Pietro, who is Milanese and created a very cozy pink little jewel box that serves the best pasta and the yummiest cocktails in town. He got inspired by the Memphis Group which was a design and architecture group founded by Ettore Sottsass in Milan in the 80’s and also the pastel colors of the Italian Riviera. Can never without a spoon of the tiramisu made in house!