Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch

SoHo, one of New York’s most charming neighborhoods, has won a French touch with the opening of La Mercerie, a typical Parisian cafe in the Roman and Williams Guild

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Inspired by the charming cafes of Paris and designed by the acclaimed designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, “La Mercerie” is the newest restaurant inside the Roman and Williams Guild at SoHo, in partnership with Stephen Starr. Signed by the chef Marie-Aude Rose, La Mercerie’s menu features day-to-day delights of French cuisine such as crepes and tartare – as well as the café offering the traditional Charlotte chocolate cake. Cocktails combine the elegance and sophistication of the dishes with the Guild’s unique style. They have options from breakfast to dinner, for any time of the day.

The design of the forty-three-seat coffee shop features signature furniture and other attractions that are a separate luxury: An Emily Thompson flower shop and a Phaidon library. The tables, as well as the lamps, chairs, cups and even coffee napkins, are part of the Guild collection and are available for purchase in the shop. In addition, the menu offers a totally French wine list that ranges from less traditional regions to the best and classic producers.

Photos: Courtesy of La Mercerie.