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Sant Ambroeus, New York

Sant Ambroeus is the patron of the always adored Milan and, he lends his name to one of the most trendy gastronomic franchises in New York. Known for his eloquence and arguing capacity, St. Ambrose was born in 334 d.C. He graduates as a lawyer, went on to become governor and was recognized by the Catholic Church as a model bishop – a responsibility he held thanks to the demand of the people. As with the saint, the Sant Ambroeus food chain also has popular support and it’s making history.


The first unity opened its doors in Milan, 89 years ago. A little while later, it immigrated to the Unites States. The menu changes from subsidiary to subsidiary. The most complete menu is the one at the Madison Avenue branch, at the heart of the Big Apple, where they serve every meal from breakfast to cocktails. Their most famous cocktail is the Brooklyn: rye whiskey, dry vermouth, Amaro Ramazzotti and Maraschino. Reservations are amongst the most sought after in the city. It can never be said too many times: make sure you guarantee your table beforehand.



If you come by the West Village, try their brunch. For US$15, you can order the Omelet Della Casa: three eggs and two other ingredients: ham, tallegio cheese, spinach, mushrooms, onions or tomatoes. Surrounded by art galleries and upscale stores, the SoHo, in the south of Manhattan, houses the coolest of the subsidiaries. It is the only Sant Ambroeus restaurant with a Bar Menu, which suits the bohemian neighbourhood just fine. There are classic drinks and local creations available. The Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar is located at the Regency Hotel, just off of the 5th Avenue.



The Milanese tradition turned into modern options results in irresistible options, such as the traditional house Paninis. You can sip your espresso while eating croissants and Paninetti breads – homemade soft breads with a delicate crust, perfumed with olive oil. The first colony founded by the British in the state of New York, in 1640, Southampton also houses a Sant Ambroeus branch.



Opened in 1992, the unity was recently redecorated by designer Robert McKinley. In order to pay homage to the origins of the town, there’s an exclusive afternoon tea menu – even though, curiously, the British drink is not on the menu. If you stop by at around tea time, you’d be wise to be on the white or red wine. Anyway, if you are ever around a Sant Ambroeus, do not walk by. Go inside and order something. While some people question whether Saints perform miracles or not, no one has ever doubt the restaurant’s miraculous cuisine.

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