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Sixty SoHo, New York

Going beyond the border of luxury hotels with impeccable decor and service, the SIXTY Hotels – soon to be spread around the world – has its first unit in SoHo, the pure expression of the New York lifestyle. And this is your main attraction.



“SIXTY Hotels is a collective of luxury boutique hotels in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Each property is a reflection of the neighborhood it calls home, offering guests a unique and immersive local experience. From our delectable food to our irresistible cocktails, our designer-crafted rooms to our art-filled lobbies, SIXTY sates the hunger of all worldly wanderers.” This introductory manifesto that appears on the hotel website summarizes the spirit of their hotels.



An original source of inspiration, the SoHo unit – initially named 60 Thompson because of its address – was the first step of the brothers Jason, Michael and Larry Pomeranc in the world of luxury hotel experience, in the year 2001. Children of a real estate businessman, they have always had a business aptitude and already embarked on other fronts – in addition to having extreme good taste, something easy to prove just taking a look on the casual and contemporary decor of the hotel.



Thus, the SIXTY Hotels label aims to make its guests feel part of the lifestyle of the neighborhood. Not to mention one of the highlights of SIXTY SoHo: its unique rooftop, which attracts locals from all over Manhattan and New York. A full plate for anyone who wants to visit New York without being seen as an outsider.


  60 Thompson St, New York

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