Sofia Sanchez turned her happy-ending into the first chapter of the fairy tale she wrote for herself, following the original timeline only as far as beauty and the Prince Charming went. Drama, in her life, is limited to tango. Art Director Sofia was born in Buenos Aires. She first got involved with the arts at the age of 14, when she was asked to star the campaign of an important Argentinean label.

“I was at the Church when I was approached by a scout. It was all very fast, and suddenly I was all over town. At that moment, I did not know how to handle the exposure. I decided that I would be a lot more comfortable behind cameras. I turned to art direction at the age of 17”.

As a young adult, she studied typography and graphic design. She even gave classes at her hometown. However, she decided to trace her plan according to her dreams – and they included New York. Hired by Doug Lloyd agency, Sofia moved to the Big Apple, where she still resides with her husband, Alexandre de Betak. The couple got married a few months ago, in a ceremony worthy of Hollywood that took place in Patagonia. Nowadays she is head of her own business companies, which include the virtual store UnderOurSky – which sells jewelry and design objects signed by Argentinean artists.



Sofia accumulates on her CV projects in which she worked side by side with important names such as Martha Stewart, Cholé, Estée Lauder and Vogue. The New York Times called her “the coolest girl in Manhattan”, thanks to her striking style both on and off work. Sofia accepts several labels, but insists that her style is “playful, full of different cuts and prints” and that she feeds it by window-shopping worldwide. She has no prejudice when it comes to finding out the perfect outfit – but she confesses, she has a predilection for Los Angeles. “I love vintage fashion and L.A. is the place for vintage fashion; it is eccentric and fun, and its stores are big and comfortable”. However, this does not mean the art director limits herself to the world of air conditioner and carefully organized racks.

She is also a huge fan of the Clignancourt flea market, in Paris, which shows that labels are not a decisive factor in her view of the fashion world. However, the proclaimed fashion democracy does not find a lot of support on her closet, as it is overtaken by desirable labels, such as Undercover and Rodarte – two of her favorites alongside the maison led by Karl Lagerfeld. The first Chanel piece I have ever had was a pair of ballerina shoes, which I ‘inherited’ from my mother”, she confesses. Sofia says that when it comes to her closet, the only thing she would never get rid of are the riding leather boots that belonged to her grandmother.


Leaving feelings to the side, the director of arts goes for facts when she points out the Saint Laurent leather jacket, the Equipment shirts and the I+V frame jeans as the most essential items she has. She combines them with her vast collection of vintage jewels, of which her favorite is the Odraz Vesmir ring. “If you like it, you can buy one on my e-commerce”, says she, cracking a joke and promoting her own business at the same time. She is also in a good mood when she tells the story of the perfume she wore for over a decade: Halloween. “I know, the name is really chic, but it smelled really good. The perfume was by Jesús del Pozo, an important label in Spain in the 1980’s and a boy I knew, who was crazy about essences, gifted me with a bottle when I turned 15. I only stopped wearing it because perfume maker Claudia de Pablo, who works with Tramuntana NY, created a custom made essence for me”. Her conservative strike when it comes to the way she smells contradicts the boldness of some of her practical jokes. Like the time when she bought 20 tacky sweaters, all in green and red, with reindeers and Santa Claus figures knitted all over them, and gifted all of her family with them, at Christmas time. “I don’t know if they liked it, but I thought it was really funny”. Back to a more serious tone, Sofia claims to have no idols.



She also tells us she does not wear any makeup when she does not have a meeting or any other business appointment. Those are the days in which she spends hours on end staring at a computer screen and, according to the art director, putting on make-up would be a waste of time. Also, as she never goes to bed wearing make-up, taking it off means spending precious time eliminating all traces of eyeliners, powder and lipstick. Although she is an adept of the natural beauty look, this Argentinian who’s adopted New York as her home does have favorite make-up products, such as the Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer, the Chanel Perfection Lumière and the Laura Mercier Tighiline Cake eyeliner (Black Ebony, please!). She also likes pretty much every Bare Minerals product. “I think all of these were recommended to me, none of them was a ‘discovery’ of mine. I probably rely more on people than on advertising”, she adds.

It was through a friend’s recommendation that Sofia discovered Zumba classes, her newest greatest passion. That was also how she discovered the O Café, one of her favorite places in the city. “They serve Brazilian coffee there!”, she celebrates, putting an end to legend that there’s a feud between Brazil and Argentina. Actually, she says, this dispute has never existed. And she proved it by choosing Fernando de Noronha as her honeymoon destination. As nothing in Sofia’s life and art is predictable, the designer is always open to advice and suggestions, but she also knows when to ignore them.

“If I like something, I will wear it over and over, no matter how many pictures of me there are wearing that or what others may say. I will wear it non-stop because I chose my clothes for the way they make me feel”.

And this is the blend between the Beauty and the Beast that Sofia Sanches lives by, constantly reinventing her “happy ever after”.