Tash Sefton

The founder of one of the most top websites nowadays shows her versatility and proves that her talent and creativity goes beyond web.

Talent with style @tashsefton

“After years of gathering industry and personal knowledge about what works, what doesn’t and why –  it is now time for me to share this. I am exploding with knowledge! (and my kids aren’t interested yet”)

The Australian Tash Sefton is Sydney based and is most known as a publisher and founder of the blog of online shop They All HateUs. Launched more than 10 years ago with her friend Elle Ferguson, the blog was revolutionary at that time and soon became a benchmark for how online retailing would leverage social media in the years that followed.

A specialist in the fashion industry, she started her career more than 20 years ago on fashion design but fell in love for the fashion business. On top of that, she worked for many big Australian brands and co-hosted the American reality “Style Squad” in 2016-17.

Today, she is one of the most stylish women of Australia and shares her experiences on the project Where Did Your Style Go, a consulting for women and men, and continues to collaborate with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Tash’s professional credits now also extend to her own art business Sefton Segedin with business partner and sister Hayley Segedin. Of the launch of Where Did Your Style Go, Tash explains:

“I started in this industry because of my obsession and love of fashion – it’s never been about the bling or selfies – but the journey of why I yearn to find the perfect item and treasure it”

How do you define your style?
My style has changed over the years but essentially its high street mixed with high end, denim most days but now I am embracing subtle colors and prints….which is new for me! I only ever used to wear black, white and grey and a stripe was my print. Australian weather is glorious and our lifestyle allows us to have a very layback style here. 

In your opinion, there are rules inside the fashion world?
If there are rules there shouldn’t be! I just did an article on my new website about the style myth and people’s interpretation of what style is. I am very much a believer in wearing fashion your way and it comes from how you feel on the inside. It shouldn’t be defined by what a designer says is in fashion or isn’t.

What is the biggest difficulty in working with something that is constantly changing?
I don’t think it’s difficult as it pushes me to always be looking ahead and do better. As I used to work as a buyer for most of my career I know how to predict change and navigate through the shifts…. it’s in my DNA! 

Who are your inspirations?
My family are very inspirational – my sisters are very successful business women (not in the fashion world) and being around them really makes me learn and stay humble in this crazy fashion world! I am really lucky to be surrounded by incredible women making a real impact in our community, my family and close friends are my inspirations.

Photos: Courtesy of Tash Sefton

Church Street Butcher

Brighton’s church street butcher reimagined.

More Than a Butcher

churchstreetbutcher @churchstreetbutcher

The most beautiful butcher in the world. That’s the thought of anyone visiting Church Street Butcher in Brighton. And maybe it is. Space was re-designed by Ewert Leaf, a renowned Australian design and architecture agency, to provide an inviting organic retail experience on Chapel Street, the city’s main street. Even before the renovation, the store had ceased to be a space only for the sale of quality cuts of meat to include cold cuts, fresh vegetables, and jams. Thus, the new environment was designed so that the products were perfectly displayed in a harmonic design and friendly to the eyes.

The meat showcase is structured in Italian Terrazzo, sprinkled with dark green natural stone, while carefully selected products are displayed on shelves and refrigerators coupled to a curved cabinet made of American oak leaves. The hardwood floor warms the look of the environment. The extra charm is on account of the classic ceramic tiles in a brilliant white, a way of catching the customer by the look before conquering it by the unique taste.

Italian-made Terrazzo from Signorino – flecked with accents of deep green natural stone – forms the base of the main meat and poultry display and is accentuated by the custom overhead pendant (Sphera Lighting). The feature counter display makes a statement against the backdrop of Classic Ceramic wall tiles in a brilliant, glossy white.

Photos: Courtesy Church St. Butcher