Cap Beauty – New York

Founders, Kerrilynn Pamer, and Cindy DiPrima Morisse created the company to spread the power of naturals to as many people as possible.

Beauty Is Natural

capbeauty @capbeautydaily

The nearly 20 years of friendship between the businesswoman Kerrilynn Pamer and the stylist Cindy DiPrima Morisse have always been strengthened by their mutual interest in a refined and wellness lifestyle. The two then decided to come together to offer some of this world to others. That’s how CAP Beauty was founded, a store with more than 150 brands with 100% natural products. The proposal is that you use the power of plants to bring not only visual but also internal changes in who visits the concept store in West Village and indulges in the beauty secrets shared by the local vendors. For the duo, consuming natural products is a reflection of a modern lifestyle, so the physical space follows the same proposal with its pink quartz-lined floor and its illuminated shelves reinforcing the positive energy of the product selection. And to impress, even more, attached to the store is a spa where guests can indulge in beauty and relaxation treatments and connect even more with the elegant and pleasurable lifestyle nailed by Kerrilynn and Cindy.

At CAP Beauty we live by the philosophy that “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty” and we exist to share the products, practices, and knowledge that create true radiance. We stock over 150 brands of products that are always 100% natural and teeming with nutrition and life force. At CAP Beauty the power of plants are at work to create change, both outside and in. Step inside our world and embrace the shift. High Vibrational Beauty starts here.

Photos: Courtesy CAP Beauty

Claus Porto – Portugal

For over a century, the Claus Porto beauty and fragrance house has been captivating consumers through the original pillars: One of a kind scents, ornate design, and old-world craftsmanship.

Secular Aroma

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As the first brand of soaps and fragrances in the Iberian Peninsula, Claus Porto spent more than a century without its own shop. Its hand-drawn labels and its rich portfolio of handmade crafts make it unique in a beauty market increasingly saturated with industrialized products. This differential guaranteed the secular success of Claus Porto, who, after getting Oprah Winfrey’s appreciation, won the world and went on to be sold in luxury boutiques in more than 60 countries. However, on the celebration of its 130th anniversary in 2017,  its first concept store was inaugurated in Porto.

Located in Rua das Rosas, in the charming historical center of the Portuguese city, the store occupies the three floors of an old bourgeois house designed to provide an intense experience in the universe of the brand stimulating our five senses. This experience is exclusive of the now considered headquarters of Claus Porto, but anyone who is in Lisbon or New York can have a taste of it all in the other two stores of the label.

Photos: Brito José Campos