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Fernanda Neute

A entrevista abaixo faz parte do nosso Podcast Chats by Claur, apresentado por Clau Ribeiro Bernstein. Você pode ouvir essa conversa na íntegra pelo Spotify e iTunes

A Ressignificação de Morar em New York


“Eu conheci um lado bom de ficar em casa que eu não conhecia”


Para muitos, morar cada hora em lugar pode parecer um pouco desconfortável, só que para ela – uma verdadeira digital nomad – foi difícil parar em um lugar só. Não é uma surpresa, que ela escolheu a cidade que nunca pára, que nunca dorme.

CR: Como foi o começo da sua nova vida em NY?
FN: Eu sempre amei conhecer novos lugares e principalmente restaurantes porque eu gosto muito de gastronomia então eu comecei a anotar tudo em uma agenda que eu queria fazer, eu reservava mesa com antecedência e as vezes eu ia sozinha mesmo, o meu marido não gosta tando quanto eu de restaurantes. A minha prioridade sempre foi aproveitar ao máximo o que eu podia e fazer valer a pena nova iorque.

CR: O que muda pra você na sua casa em NY?
FN: No atual momento eu conheci um lado bom de ficar em casa que eu não sabia. Não esta legal ficar do lado de fora.

CR: Qual é a parte ruim de morar em NY?
FN: É tudo muito caro!

CR: Por que você escolheu NY?
FN: Porque aqui é uma cidade muita aberta para os imigrantes é uma cidade muito internacional e acolhedora e por isso a gente conhece uma quantidade enorme de pessoas novas de diferentes partes do mundo. Também o fato de ter vôo direto pro Brasil me agrada muito.

“Hoje eu prefiro pensar muito mais na causa das coisas. Se meu cabelo está caindo, eu vou usar um shampoo anti-queda? Não. Hoje quero ver o porque o meu cabelo está caindo… Antes eu cuidava só do sintoma e não da causa do probema”


CR: É difícil encontrar trabalho em NY?
FN: Sim. É a maior furada acreditar que é fácil encontrar trabalho aqui. Se você tiver já uma proposta de trabalho antes de se mudar ok mas mesmo assim a competitividade é enorme.

CR: O que a Fernanda do passado falaria para a Fernanda do presente?
FN: Cuida da sua saúde! Hoje em dia eu procuro muito mais saber a causa das coisas para poder tratar. Se meu cabelo está caindo, eu vou usar um shampoo anti-queta? Não. Hoje quero ver o porque o meu cabelo esta caindo.

CR: Como foi o seu processo para construir uma nova carreira?
FN: Tive que procurar um propósito no trabalho e fico feliz de ajudar as pessoas a serem mais felizes com o meu canal. Mas não tem mágica, não vamos ser felizes o tempo todo.

CR: Quanto custa em média para morar e NY:
FN: 4 mil dólares livre por mês mas depende também do estilo de vida, esse valor é para o básico.

CR: O que mais sente falta do Brasil?
FN: Só da minha família e mais nada.

Fotos: Cortesia Fernanda Neute

Cap Beauty – New York

Founders, Kerrilynn Pamer, and Cindy DiPrima Morisse created the company to spread the power of naturals to as many people as possible.

Beauty Is Natural

capbeauty @capbeautydaily

The nearly 20 years of friendship between the businesswoman Kerrilynn Pamer and the stylist Cindy DiPrima Morisse have always been strengthened by their mutual interest in a refined and wellness lifestyle. The two then decided to come together to offer some of this world to others. That’s how CAP Beauty was founded, a store with more than 150 brands with 100% natural products. The proposal is that you use the power of plants to bring not only visual but also internal changes in who visits the concept store in West Village and indulges in the beauty secrets shared by the local vendors. For the duo, consuming natural products is a reflection of a modern lifestyle, so the physical space follows the same proposal with its pink quartz-lined floor and its illuminated shelves reinforcing the positive energy of the product selection. And to impress, even more, attached to the store is a spa where guests can indulge in beauty and relaxation treatments and connect even more with the elegant and pleasurable lifestyle nailed by Kerrilynn and Cindy.

At CAP Beauty we live by the philosophy that “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty” and we exist to share the products, practices, and knowledge that create true radiance. We stock over 150 brands of products that are always 100% natural and teeming with nutrition and life force. At CAP Beauty the power of plants are at work to create change, both outside and in. Step inside our world and embrace the shift. High Vibrational Beauty starts here.

Photos: Courtesy CAP Beauty

Lola Taverna

SoHo’s new restaurant puts a twist on Greek classics, updating the dishes in a modern way without leaving tradition behind.

We Love Lola

lolataverna @lolataverna

New York has one of the largest Greek populations outside of Greece, in competition with only Boston and Chicago. Approximately 23,000 Greeks live in the Big Apple. Add this to the recent popularity of destinations like Mikonos and Santorini and the result is clear: the demand for quality Greek cuisine is only going up.

It was with this in mind that chef Dionisis Liakopoulos took over the kitchen of Lola Taverna, which does Greek food with a fun and modern twist. The New York-based Greek chef has previously been responsible for the menus of renowned restaurants such as Kuzina, NOMA, Aska and the Greek bakery Fournos Theophilos.

Located in SoHo on the charming corner of Prince Street and 6th Avenue, the interior of the restaurant was designed by restauranteur and owner Cobi Levy, known for restaurants such as Babu Ji, Black Seed Bags and Little Prince. “We are excited to bring Lola to SoHo. The restaurant is hip and vibrant with excellent food and warm service. It’s the perfect mixture of two places I love: Greece and New York” Says Levy.

The restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows carry SoHo’s vibrant soul into Lola, while the interior décor evokes the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere of the Hellenic peninsula. The neutral color palette could not be greeker and matches exquisitely with the floral arrangements and ceramic pots made by the American potter Helen Levi. With a modern take on Greek cuisine, Liakopoulos’s menu was inspired by the lush vegetation of the islands.

Classics like mezze (small, varied portions), moussaka and Greek salad are can’t miss attractions. Served in dishes made by Jono Pandolfi, risotto al Nero di sepia, rice feta and fried calamari with furikake seasoning are the highlights of the menu, which also includes tasty lobster noodles (prepared on the client’s table) and lobster with the essence of ouzo, a typically Greek aniseed drink.

Claur visited the restaurant, and we noticed that all the cool kids from NYC were out here. It’s the perfect option for an unhurried dinner on a lively night with good food and beautiful people. To create the drink list, the restaurant called in reinforcements from friends in the gastronomic sector. The cocktail list went to the staff of Athenian bar “The Clumsies” which this year joined the ranking of the best bars in the world. The drinks revisit Greek classics. One highlight is the Spritz of Athens, which features vermouth and a splash of Aperol. The Skinos Snapper combines vodka, ouzo, lemon juice and a Bloody-Mary mix produced by the house. The Kalamata Negroni updates the traditional drink, utilizing an exotic Campari made of black olives.

To harmonize completely with the dishes, the wine list was adeptly selected by sommelier Laura Maniec Fiorvanti, co-founder of Corkbuzz wine bar. The selections have the best of the Mediterranean, including the Peloponnese mix of Agiorgitiko and Cabernet, as well as Sardinian Skouras Megas Oenos and Panevino Rosso Picci.

Photos Courtesy Lola Taverna

Ralph’s Coffee

Following a string of successful openings in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Ralph Lauren has opened the wonderful Ralph’s Coffee in New York, offering something well beyond the classic espresso.

A Cup of Charm

ralphlauren @ralphscoffee

The Big Apple has had a long history with Ralph Lauren’s cafés. It began in 2014 when the beloved brand decided to open a coffee shop with its signature logo near the iconic Fifth Avenue store. Buzz about this new outpost swept the neighborhood, and the place became a go-to for coffee-crazed New Yorkers. With the closure of the café two years later, many of the city’s coffee-lovers were orphaned.

Building on the success of its Asian stores, the Ralph Lauren brand has once again landed back in Manhattan, this time with a food truck in the middle of Rockefeller Center. Betting on its lifestyle contingent, Ralph’s Coffee has reopened its doors, this time in the Flatiron neighborhood, boasting a spectacular view of Fifth Avenue.

With a vibe equal parts elegant and authentic, Ralph’s is more than just a coffee shop. Upon entering, the espresso machine (with its pearly white tone and retro feel) gives off a lustrous glow. Behind the counter, impeccably attired waiters wear striped shirts and Ralph Lauren knitwear, together with denim aprons embroidered with the unmistakable logo.

With a warm and inviting interior, the colorful tiles and marble countertops almost make us forget why we’re here: to savor the rich and aromatic coffee. Teapots painted with the brand logo carry milk and other additions for the flagship store’s coffee. Known principally for his exquisite fashion choices, Ralph Lauren brings the same attention to detail to his coffee.

To this end, the store has partnered with La Colombe, a reputable coffee roaster that sells beans grown in Africa, Central America, and South America. Made from organic beans, the classic and creamy espresso, the decaf coffee, and the special “Ralph’s Roast” are sold in creative metallic packaging that has old school energy. For caffeine-free coffee fans, don’t worry, the brand has a Swiss decaffeination process that gives you the full flavor of the coffee without the stimulating effects.

Ralph’s Coffee is proud to be the first in New York to offer Espresso Tonic, which is made with three servings of cold Espresso, tonic water, and a slice of orange. This delightful concoction is an ideal choice on hot days. One can also visit the store to taste one of the teas created exclusively by the Ralph Lauren brand.

When it comes to treats, the store has copious options for any sweet tooth, such as brownies, croissants, and a delicious chocolate cake. The Polo Bar, Ralph Lauren’s restaurant in north Midtown, is responsible for some of Ralph’s Coffee’s delicacies – notably the cookies, which are some of the most frequently requested desserts in the restaurant.

Beyond serving cups of coffee, Ralph Lauren has been able to create a delightful visitor experience by cultivating an authentic brand atmosphere and engaging the consumer by gesturing towards its own history.

Want to have a taste of the shop at home or give a gift to a coffee lover? In addition to selling coffee beans, the store has a variety of designer products such as Ralph Lauren logo bags, t-shirts, and mugs.

Photos: Courtesy Ralphs Coffee

Matthew Kenney & Elizabeth Holder

Ladurée bringing ecological responsibility, healthy eating, and professional cooking all together, Ladurée delivers customer satisfaction in a completely innovative way.

The Visionary Kitchen

laduree @ladureeus

The whole concept is to improve customer satisfaction by combining healthy ingredients in ways that are functional and tasty. Being greener in our business is not just a matter of producing vegetarian and vegan options. It also means reintroducing the concept of slow food, reducing the use of flour, and using environmentally friendly packaging, among many other things. We still have a lot of work to do, and this is deeply thrilling to us”

In our current era of climate change and ecological transformation, there has never been less of a doubt that environmental awareness and sustainability practices are indispensable to the survival of our species. This reality is as much a part of our individual lives as it is a part of the business environment.

In addition to this sense of urgency to take measures that will guarantee the survival of our race, there is a steadily developing consensus around new values that aim at a more harmonious and natural life. To this end, thinking about what refinement has come to represent in the recent past serves as a perfect example of this new mindset.

There’s little doubt that refinement today has more to do with free time and quality of life than with unbridled consumption. A reexamination of the actual benefits of lifestyles linked to material consumption has led to new consumption patterns and has affected a number of traditional brands that have long been regarded as symbols of exclusivity and excellence.

“It’s much easier to start a business with sustainable practices than to remodel a 150-year-old company. We’ve had to reprogram and rearrange everything. We first developed the concept and then spent about five months planning it all out. But this was something that had become part of our lives on a personal level, because there’s no turning back the clock. My children will live in whatever the future of this planet looks like, and I want them to be proud of what we have accomplished”

Elisabeth Holder

The cafe French Ladurée, led by brothers David and Elisabeth Holder, has participated wholeheartedly in this reimagination of what consumption should look like. Known for its famous macarons, this iconic brand has found a new frontier, simultaneously celebrating plant-based cuisine and rethinking its entire production chain.

As chief of the company’s operations in the United States, Elisabeth Holder brought celebrated chef Matthew Kenney – one of the original minds behind “green” cuisine – to head a program they have termed “green evolution.” Their new line of comestibles is 100% vegan and feature dishes both savory and sweet that have a vegetable base. Still and all, macarons continue to be the great symbol of Ladurée.

Today, the brand has as much interest in its restaurants as it does in its event organizing. Their newly developed “green wave” will soon expand throughout the chain’s establishments. At the Beverly Hills Ladurée Tea Saloon, for example, Matthew Kenney plans to manage the space and feature a vegan menu. The restaurant will be a kind of laboratory for new food experiments of all kinds.

At other Ladurée locations around the world, the transition will be more gradual, with select vegan dishes complementing the normal menu. “We never intended to redefine Ladurée, only to make it accessible to a new audience while maintaining the high quality that has made the brand iconic for so long says, Kenney. “With Elisabeth and David inspiring our direction, we are committed to maintaining Ladurée’s spirit while identifying new techniques and methods. The process has led to a welcome acceptance of our globally healthy and forward-thinking products”.

The whole concept is to improve customer satisfaction by combining healthy ingredients in ways that are functional and tasty. Unsurprisingly, the company will use eco-friendly packaging made from natural materials and will forego the addition of glue or plastic. Some of the new products in this line will be juices produced exclusively by the ‘By Jardin’ brand, made from cold-pressed organic fruits and vegetables.

A new blend of coffee developed with Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee beans will accompany the new macaron flavors, such as L’or Vert, made from Green Tea and Moringa, and L’Éternel, comprised of baobab and mango.

Photos: Courtesy Ladurée