How do you define your style?

My style has changed over the years but essentially its high street mixed with high end, denim most days but now I am embracing subtle colours and prints….which is new for me! I only ever used to wear black, white and grey and a stripe was my print. Australian weather is glorious and our lifestyle allows us have a very layback style here.


In your opinion, there are rules inside the fashion world?

If there are rules there shouldn’t be! I just did an article on my new website about the style myth and peoples interpretation of what style is. I am very much a believer in wearing fashion your way and it comes from how you feel on the inside. It shouldn’t be defined by what a designer says is in fashion or isn’t.


How is it to work with fashion on social networks nowadays?

 But lately social media doesn’t make me feel good – it doesn’t inspire me like it used to. It has become very commercial and edited and people I love have become so staged. I have concerns we are defined by a number and a ‘heart’ or a ‘like’. I just worry how it is effecting people and we aren’t talking about it.


What is the biggest difficulty in working with something that is constant changing?

I don’t think it’s a difficultly as it pushes me to always be looking ahead and do better. As I used to work as a buyer for most of my career I know how to predict change and navigate thru the shifts….its in my DNA!

Tell us your top 5 spots in NYC.

– Barneys …..we don’t have anything like it in Australia. Its my first stop when I arrive in NY…..I need my Barneys fix!

– Walking thru Central Park in the snow …its magical! – I know I sound like a tourist but it is such a contrast to my beach side life here! 

– Shopping in Soho on a Saturday – great people watching and a really easy way for me to go broke in 2 hours from the shopping! 

– The MOMA! I have visited about 20 times and still find something very special

– Long walks and getting lost. The city changes every time I visit. The only way I can really embrace the city is by exploring on foot.