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Whitegrass, Singapore

Light, fresh and well presented: the dishes of Whitegrass in Singapore are almost too beautiful to be devoured – almost!



In his first venture as chef and owner, Australian Sam Aibsett evokes his roots to compose the Whitegrass restaurant menu, which is setting the pace of the bustling dining scene in Singapore. Taking advantage of the cultural diversity that surrounds him, Aibsett mixes his experience with international ingredients to discover new flavors, such as the Mangalica Pork, Scallops Hokkaido, and Butter-poached Quail.



For those who are dedicated to deciphering the mysteries of the modern Australian kitchen, Whitegrass offers, exclusively during dinner, a tasting menu of five or eight dishes — all in an inspiring pink and turquoise environment. Sofa prints, rugs in vibrant colors and an impeccable selection of flowers and plants gives a sophisticated atmosphere to the place.



On one wall hangs a beautiful painting of marine animals, plants, and herbs in a pastel palette signed by the artist Messymsxi, which is said to inspire by the process of creating recipes and the dishes served at the restaurant. The meeting of architecture and cuisine could not fail to be sweet, especially here: among the dessert available, the Black Gold (a mousse of Valrhona chocolate) has undeniable success.

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